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About NFS

About Us

Notebooks for Students was formed in 1998 by college students and faculty of California State University, Northridge. This was a beginning over two decades ago serving only college students. NFS presently serves small independent public school districts, private and charter schools, Homeschool families and individual students located in all 50 states.

The Program Mission Statement and Operating Principles:

Tooting Our Horn

One service, which exemplifies our mission, is NFS’ free 4-year warranty. The only such warranty in the United States. Under this warranty NFS has completed 2,269 hardware repairs, conducted over 2,900 remote service sessions, and distributed over 1,760 replacement batteries and charging cords. This equates to a savings of $502,000.00 in computer service costs for our customers.

The NFS Governing Board

Founder and Board member David Puzo on the way to one final climb on Cerro Torre.
Our motto has always been “We succeed when you succeed.”

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NFS is one of very few nonprofits in the US to achieve AEP Partner status.

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