About NFS

Notebooks for Students was formed in 1998 by college students and faculty in and around Los Angeles, California. After going through the hoops of finding affordable laptops and support to assist them with class work, they figured there had to be a better way. Meeting with major computer brands and refurbishing labs the team negotiated a college discount rate on new and refurbished laptops for college students enrolled in class. Students throughout the nation now depend on Notebooks for Students to supply them with what they need most, "Portable Computing Power", and that is what we do. Our goal is to make student discount laptops available to as many students as possible.

The program mission is based on four principles:

  • To provide affordable, dependable and powerful laptops for all students;
  • To provide a "headache free" environment for assistance, servicing and support for students;
  • To decrease costs as much as possible through low prices, free service shipping, and free warranty;
  • To create a program simply to break even after each school year, NFS is a nonprofit and we do not generate profit at the student's expense.