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About NFS Laptops

1. NFS only offers "high-end" Business Class Laptops from the Major Brands

2. NFS offers New, Factory Refurbished and NFS Certified Off-lease Laptops.

To see if the laptop is New Open Box, Factory Refurbished or NFS Certified,
view “Condition” within the blue box.

NFS Certified laptops are off-lease Professional Class computers that were never used by the general public. Off-lease laptops originate from large corporations (banks, insurance companies, etc.) who lease them for use by their employees. While on lease the notebooks are diligently maintained by a professional IT department. Business class laptops are manufactured to higher specifications then consumer class laptops incorporating the highest quality processors, hard drives, motherboards and cases.

3. Examples of Original MSRP for NFS Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad T460

New MSRP of $1444.99
NFS “Like New” list price of $295.00

Dell Latitude E7480

New MSRP of $1,634.00
NFS “Like New” list price of $375.00

HP EliteBook 840 G6

New MSRP of $1,749.00
NFS “Like New” list price of $475.00

best laptop for students

Apple MacBook 15 Retina

Original MSRP of $2,900.00
NFS “Like New” list price of $1,325.00

4. Our Cosmetic Guarantee:

NFS Certified laptops arrive in "LIKE NEW" condition

Actual unsolicited customer comments:

5. NFS laptops are backed by a FREE 4-year warranty.

Your laptop is protected by the best warranty available. With your permission and while on the phone with you, our staff will access the laptop to identify and fix the problem. If the laptop is in need of hardware repair, NFS will email a pre-paid UPS shipping label. Our Techs can also assist with many other items, such as Virus removal, Internet connections, Setting up your printer, Installing software, and General use tutorials for your laptop and applications. A similar warranty from Best Buy is $200 per year. See Best Buy / Geek Squad.  Please visit or Warranty page here.

6. All NFS laptops are powered by Intel CORE processors

7. NFS is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

NFS certified laptops are of higher quality, more powerful technology and offer better performance than any new Consumer class laptop of similar price.

NFS offers the best value for your dollar when purchasing a Business Class laptop

NFS Value For Profit Retailer
New Laptop
Open Box
NFS Certified
"Like New"
For Profit Retailer
Condition New New Like New Used-will have
Dents, Scrachtes,
worn areas
Example Price
HP 8470p Intel i5 Gen3
Office Depot Price
$650.00 $325.00 $225.00 to $320.00
HP 840 G3 Intel i5 Gen4 $1,600.00
Staples Price
NA $595.00 $380.00 to $550.00
Hardware Warranty
Paid intel gen 1, 2, 3
Paid intel gen 4, 5, 6
Hardware Replacement
2-Year @ $99/Yr
2-Year @ $200/Yr
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 5-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 5-Year
30 to 90 Days
2-Year @ $99/Yr
2-Year @ $200/Yr
Select Suppliers
Software Warranty
Virus Removal
In-Home Remote Service
Phone Support
2-Year @ $99/Yr
190 $ per Year
Available On 2 Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
Free 4-Year
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