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NFS FREE 4-Year Warranty

For New, Factory Refurbished and NFS Certified Off-lease Laptops

1 Year Full Warranty

Hardware (motherboard, hard drive, display, optical drive, wireless card, keyboard, and pointing device) is guaranteed from manufacture and/or refurbished defect for one (1) year from the date-of-purchase. NFS covers all costs including replacement part, service labor, and shipping.

Extended Limited Warranty - years 2, 3, and 4

NFS covers service labor cost and shipping cost to the NFS Lab. The student pays for the replacement part. This cost is limited to the WHOLESALE price for the part (This is about 1/3 the cost of a commercial computer repair center). The student pays the shipping cost to return the laptop to them.

Virus Removal free 4-year warranty, by remote in-your-home service

NFS provides free virus removal for 4 years. This is provided through remote computer service, which allows the laptop to remain at your home during virus removal.

Software Service 4-year warranty

NFS provides OS and driver reinstallation for $30.00. Student pays for shipping to and from NFS Lab.

Accidental Damage 4-year service

NFS will repair accidental damage at our cost (This is about 1/3 the cost of a commercial computer repair center). Student pays for shipping to and from NFS Lab.

Computer Remote and Phone Support 4-year service

NFS provides computer remote technical support and phone support at no cost.

Cosmetic Guarantee

All NFS laptops will arrive in "Like New" condition. If there is an issue contact NFS for an exchange or full refund.

Actual unsolicited customer comments:

"The laptop arrived yesterday. Although I did not turn it on, it looks brand new! Thank you for this great program. We would have never been able to afford a decent laptop for him."
Sandy G. from Gig Harbor, WA

"We love our laptop that we got from you. Looks and seems brand new."
Ronne P. from Conifer, CO

This is the longest FREE warranty offered anywhere, new or refurbished.

Our goal is to provide use of our laptops for a minimum of 4 years with as little difficulty as possible for the student or family. If you experience a problem with your laptop during the 4 years, contact NFS at (800) 991-7631 or

Good luck with your classes!
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What does certified, refurbished or off-lease mean? What are NFS customer service policies?
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