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In consultation with Microsoft in 2013/14, NFS played a role in the establishment of homeschool students and programs as qualified educational users under Microsoft product policies.This allowed NFS to provide academic products and discount laptops to homeschool families at the same price and with the same software as traditional public school facilities. Presently NFS supplies thousands of laptops to public schools and now we do the same for homeschoolers. Simply stated, we here at NFS are very excited about our Homeschool Program.

The Homeschool Package


FREE 4-Year Warranty

An $800 Value

Your laptop is protected
by the most comprehensive
Hardware and Software
Warranty in the Nation.
If your laptop needs repair,
NFS will email a prepaid UPS shipping label.
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Free Open Office or
Microsoft Student from $85
"Lifetime License"


Every Laptop is provided
with a laptop case and
16GB flash drive


Unsolicited Facebook comments from families:

"The laptop looks like new. Thank you for this service I could not afford full price on a business class laptop. Both of our kids are home schooled no official diploma and both got accepted to a great collage. While everyone else's laptops are breaking after a year or so these ones keep on chugging."
Chris L. from Battle Ground, WA

"We just received our two from them! They are top notch professional grade! Way above what Walmart has for a little over Walmart price!"
Veronique S. from Ottumwa, IA

"The laptop arrived yesterday. Although I did not turn it on, it looks brand new! Thank you for this great program. We would have never been able to afford a decent laptop for him."
Sandy G. from Gig Harbor, WA

K-12 Suggestions

Please click on Inventory link above to view all of NFS inventory and visit the Homepage for Fall 2019 best values.

Basic Laptop
Grades PreK-6
Apple MacBook 13
Grades PreK-6
ThinkPad T410 i5
Grades 7-12
Latitude E6420 i5
Grades 7-12
Lenovo ThinkPad T410
Windows 7 or
Chromebook G4
Google Chrome OS
2GB to 4GB Memory
120GB to 500GB Hard drive
Integrated Webcam
DVD/CD Drive
MAC OS X El Capitan
4GB to 8GB Memory
160GB to 500GB Hard drive
USB external Webcam
DVD/CD drive
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
4GB to 8GB Memory
250GB to 500GB Hard drive
Integrated Webcam
DVD/CD drive
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
$175.00 & $215.00
ThinkPad T420
Grades 7-12
Latitude E6430
9th-12th, AP classes,
Early College
HP EliteBook 840
9th-12th, AP classes,
Apple MacBook 13 2.4
7th-12th, AP classes,
Early College
4GB to 8GB Memory
320GB to 1TB Hard drive
Integrated Webcam
4GB to 8GB Memory
250GB to 1TB Hard drive
Integrated Webcam
4GB to 16GB Memory
250GB to 1TB Hard drive
Aluminum Alloy case
Integrated Webcam
4GB to 8GB Memory
500GB or 128GB SSD included
Integrated webcam
MAC OS X Mojave

There are two ways to purchase from NFS


Individual Family
$15.00 rebate per laptop
Purchase 1 to 4 laptops


Homeschool Group
Bulk Discount
Purchase 5 or more laptops

To purchase for a single family order laptops directly from the NFS inventory pages. In the shopping cart enter the parent's name within the "Student Name" field and Homeschool within the "Educational Institution" field. Click here to see a picture of the shopping cart and instructions.

After you have completed the order, please confirm your Homeschool status by sending (see address below) NFS any one of the following;
  • Homeschool association membership card
  • Letter or form from school district or State
  • Letter or form from umbrella Homeschool
    group or school
  • Affidavit, notice of intent or other form
  • In states that do not require documentation, draft a letter stating the State you reside in and that you homeschool. Sign and send in the letter.
NFS in not able to offer an Individual Family
rebate on the following products:
  • All Apple products
  • All laptops on the Basic Laptop Page
  • Items on Sale, Highlighted, Suggested
We already have these items priced as low as possible.
 Homeschool Page Updates, as of 7/05/2019
  • Online order form is active, 7/25/14
  • Microsoft Office Student 2019 is for PC and MacBook
  • Microsoft Office Student 2019 is a "lifetime" license
  • 2019/2020 Group Order price list is posted.
  • Once you open a form, press the F5 key
    to refresh to current version
  • If forms do not open in Safari,
    press the F5 key to refresh screen
  • If you do not see a type of
    Homeschool documentation that fits
    your family, please contact NFS
A group of families can combine to complete a group purchase.

Bulk purchasing offers the lowest prices. Windows 10 Professional is installed on all laptops.
Recent Purchases

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West County Christian Home Educators

Wilkinson Acadamy


2019/20 PRICE IS POSTED. Download Price List and Order Form Worksheet



For contact information enter a group name and phone number / email address of a group leader at the top of the worksheet. Complete the rest of the worksheet by entering the family last names and the laptops and quantities each family wishes to purchase. The families can pick any combination of laptop models from the price list.

Complete Online Order Form.

Using the worksheet as a guide, fill in the online order form.

Send in homeschool documentation to NFS.

Please confirm Homeschool status by providing NFS any one of the following for each family;
  • Homeschool association membership card
  • Letter or form from school district or State
  • Letter or form from umbrella Homeschool
    group or school
  • Affidavit, notice of intent or other form
  • In states that do not require documentation, draft a letter stating the State you reside in and that you homeschool. Sign and send in the letter.
The group leader will send in (see address below) the homeschool documentation for all families at the time the online form is completed. Make sure to include the group name with the documentation.

NFS will email an invoice to each family.

Each family can review the invoice to make sure their order is correct. The invoice will also have a link to the Homeschool group purchase payment page.

Each family will pay their invoice on the Homeschool payment page.


NFS will ship the laptops directly to the family.

Send Homeschool documentation to NFS:
Send by eMail attachment:

Send by Fax: (951) 765-5660
Send by Mail:
Notebooks for Students
140 E. Stetson Ave. Box 176
Hemet, CA 92543

Please contact NFS at (800) 991-7631 if you have any questions.

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